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Hotel in Paraty

Hotel in Paraty
Paraty is a beautiful colonial city and important destination in the international and cultural tourism.
It is considered “National Historical Patrimony” by “UNESCO” and also considered the most harmonious “barroco” style scenery, for preserving its innumerous natural and architectural charms. Walking in the historical center is almost like returning to the colonial times of Brazil history.

Its cultural calendar is intense and diversified:

>> FLIP - Paraty International Literary Festival
>> Paraty in Foco - International Photographs Festival
>> Bourbon Jazz Festival
>> “Choro” e “Samba” Festival (Brazilian music style Festival)
>> Latin Music Festival. Dance Paraty Festival
>> “Cachaça” Festival (Sugar Cane Liquor Festival)
>> “Bloco da Lama” - during Carnival (Mud Parade) and many others during the whole year.

Its natural beauty, with 300 beaches and 65 paradise islands embraced by one of the largest preserved area of Atlantic Forest, attracts visitors from all over Brazil and the world.

Paraty offers an active nightlife with many attractions in different bars, restaurants and squares
Pousada em paraty

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